Anopheles stephensi 

photo: James Gathany

David A. O'Brochta, Ph.D.

David O’Brochta is currently a Professor in the University of Maryland, College Park and has been on the faculty of the University of Maryland since 1989.  He has a joint-appointment in the Institute for Biological and Biotechnology Research, and the Department of Entomology.

Professor O’Brochta’s has an active research laboratory focused on insect genetics and molecular genetics with interests in the development of insect genetic technologies and their application to the study of the physiological genetics of mosquitoes with particular interest in their disease vector capabilities.  

Professor O'Brochta teaches at the undergraduate and graduate levels, is the Head of the Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology Research's Insect Transformation Facility and is the editor of the Royal Entomological Society’s journal, Insect Molecular Biology. 

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Video describing Dr. O'Brochta's research program