Anopheles stephensi 

photo: James Gathany

Enhancer Trap Figure Grant copy.jpg

 Figure Legend.  Nine Gal4-expressing lines regulating the expression of a UAS:tdTomato reporter gene.  Arrows point to notable features: A) Gal4/UAStdTomato heterozygote with piggyBac transposase being expressed ubiquitously. Clones of Tomato+-cells are apparent as a result of somatic expression of transposase and enhancer detection in somatic cells. B) 2MBL3 – support-cells associated with sensory hairs and scales. Female tissues shown plus male antenna. C) M4 – larval caecae and posterior midgut. D) MDL8 – adult female salivary gland and posterior midgut. E) MDL24 – salivary glands, midgut and fat body in larva and adult males (not shown) and females (pre- and post-feeding).  F) 2MCL14 – adult female gut. G) 2MCL6.2 – adult female salivary glands. H) C2M8 – larva specific salivary gland. I) MCL6 – larval trachea.