Anopheles albimanus

photo: James Gathany

Research Opportunities

Postdoctoral Researchers

Postdoctoral researchers with a solid background in molecular genetics and/or insects of biomedical importance would be great members of our team.

Graduate Students

I am a member of the Department of Entomology, and the Molecular and Cell Biology graduate program at the University of Maryland, College Park.  Students from both programs are welcome.   Students from other programs or departments are certainly welcome if their research interests are appropriate but we will have work out some arrangements with your home department if you wish to do thesis research in my lab. Students with an interest in genetics, molecular genetics and/or insect biology would be particularly well equipped undertaking a Masters or Ph.D. degree.


There are almost constant opportunities for undergraduates to become involved with the research ongoing in the lab. There opportunities for hourly employees or work-study students as well as internships for credit, and undergrad research fellowships (Howard Hughes Undergraduate Fellows, for example). Students have an opportunity to learn basic molecular genetic methods, work with live insects (mosquitoes) and animals (mice) and to be part of a research team investigating exciting and important aspects of insects that vector human disease.

High School Students

High school student internships are regularly available and you should inquire to discuss specific opportunities.

Contact David O'Brochta to discuss your interests and position availability